Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dupa Yash... aka my Boss

For those of you with a Polish decent, the phrase "dups yash" comes to mind... even as a young person... listening to my parents talk in the dialect. Eventually their ignorance catches up and I figure it out.... "You talking to me". . .

So... I figure in todays society, indifference that is said, also seems to have the same reaction from me.

I've been noticing that for the last 4 years, that my "boss" decided to no longer greet me in the morning and the evening by my first name... he just saids hello...or... goodbye
Seems everyone else in my department has a first name except for me.

Me thinks that the boss has turned into a "Dupa Yash"... I have yet to compare him to a hole in the ground... maybe next year... if I'm still around.

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